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Custom Domain


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With genezio, you can use custom domains, allowing you to customize the root of your website's URL. Instead of being limited to the default domain like "," you can easily configure genezio to use your domain, giving your website a unique and personalized web address.

This feature empowers you to create a professional online presence by associating your website with a domain that reflects your brand or project identity.

Supported custom domains

genezio works with both apex domains and subdomains.

Example of supported types:

  • Apex domain -
  • Custom Domain -
  • www domain/subdomain -

After you add a custom domain, we automatically configure the certificate also on all subdomains, including www, but you have to add in the DNS configuration the CNAME to use www.

Configure your custom domains

In the genezio dashboard, you can go to a project that has frontend deployed, and on the Domains tab in the sidebar, you can set up your custom domain.

On this page, you add your custom domain and click on the "Save" button.

The next step is to put the CNAMEs that you will receive in the bottom part of the page to your DNS provider. We support all DNS providers. If you want to use apex domain, then you have to make sure that your DNS provider accepts ANAME, ALIAS or CNAME for apex.

For some cases, after you add the CNAMEs, another CAA validation might be needed and you will see it on the same page.

Here is a list with tutorials on how to add a CNAME for some of the most common DNS providers:

This is just a short list of some providers that we used.

Securing the custom domain

You don't need to do any extra steps. You only add the 2 given CNAMEs and we will take care of the rest. Genezio will automatically create an SSL certificate and automatically renew it so you can use it seamlessly.

Known limitations

There are some known limitations on setting custom domains depending on the domain's provider.

Adding an apex domain such as hosted on GoDaddy may encounter limitations during the DNS configuration. To address this, we recommend transferring the domain’s DNS settings to another DNS provider such as Cloudflare. For assistance, please contact our technical support team by sending an email to

Troubleshooting custom domains

In case you encounter issues setting your custom domain, check the troubleshooting section.

If you cannot find a solution there, ask us on Discord in the #support channel. We are always happy to help!