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Todo List with Flutter


The source code for this example is public on the following GitHub repository.

If you want to deploy your application step-by-step, follow the guidelines below.


  1. Host a Mongo Database. Follow this tutorial to get a free tier database.
  2. Create a server/.env file and add the following environment variables:

Clone the example

  1. Run git clone
  2. Navigate to the folder cd ./genezio-examples/typescript/todo-list-flutter

Run the example locally

  1. From a first terminal, run genezio local in the server/ folder to start the local server.
  2. From a second terminal, start the Flutter app by going to the client/ folder and run flutter run -d chrome.

Note: You must have MONGO_DB_URI exported as an environment variable or set in the .env file in the server/ folder.

Flutter will start a new tab in your default browser with the todo list app that you can test locally.

Deploy the project

  1. Run genezio deploy in the server directory to deploy the project to the cloud.

genezio will provide in the terminal a publicly available URL where you can access your application.

Note: To remotely set the environment variables, you can deploy using genezio deploy --env .env command.

Genezio Commands

All commands are run from the root of the project, from a terminal:

npm install -g genezioInstalls genezio globally
genezio loginLogs in to genezio
genezio localStarts a local server
genezio deployDeploys a production project
genezio --helpGet help using genezio

Want to learn more?

Check out:


If you need support or you have any questions, please join us in our Discord channel. We'd love to chat!