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Todo List Angular


The source code for this example is public on the following GitHub repository.

Simple genezio todo list with Angular example

This is a simple project with a server and a client for a quiz app. The server is built with Node.js and MongoDB. The client is built with Angular.


Project Structure

Inside the project folder, you will find the following files and folders:

├── server/
│ ├── models/
│ ├── helper.ts
│ ├── task.ts
│ ├── user.ts
│ ├── package.json
│ └── tsconfig.json
├── client/
│ ├── src/
│ ├── package.json
| └── tsconfig.json
├── genezio.yaml
├── .genezioignore

Genezio looks for genezio.yaml to read the settings for deploying the project or for spinning a local dev server for testing.

The backend directory contains the implementation of the server side of the project.

The frontend directory contains a simple React application that talks with the genezio server.

Run the project

Clone this example

Clone the repository:

git clone

Navigate to the following directory:

cd ./genezio-examples/typescript/todo-list-angular

Test your project locally

Test the project locally:

genezio local

Open a new terminal, navigate to the following directory, and run npm start to launch the application:

cd ./client
npm run install-local-sdk
npm start

Deploy your project with genezio

If you wish to deploy your project to the Genezio infrastructure, follow these steps:

Log in to Genezio using the command genezio login:

genezio login

Deploy your project using the genezio deploy command from the ./genezio-examples/typescript/todo-list-angular directory.

genezio deploy


All commands are run from the root of the project, from a terminal:

npm install -g genezioInstalls genezio globally
genezio loginLogs in to genezio
genezio localStarts a local server
genezio deployDeploys a production project
genezio --helpGet help using genezio

Want to learn more?

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If you need support or you have any questions, please join us in our Discord channel. We'd love to chat!

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