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CLI Commands


genezio [-v | --version] [-h | --help] <command> [<args>]

Available Commands

If you want to learn more about each genezio command , use genezio helpor genezio [command] help.


Note: All the commands available to use genezio are listed on this page. For detailed information about each of them, please go to their designated page.

Below you can see a list of the most useful commands:

genezioContext aware, interactive command that simplifies project management. Learn more
genezio local [--port <port>]Test a project in a local environment. Learn more
genezio deployDeploy a project to the cloud. Learn more
genezio deploy --frontendDeploy the frontend to the genezio cloud. Learn more
genezio deploy --backendDeploy the backend to the genezio cloud. Learn more
genezio createCreate a new starter project, in an interactive way. Learn more
genezio sdkGenerate an SDK for a deployed or local project. Learn more
genezio lsList details on deployed projects Learn more
genezio delete [<project-id>]Delete a deployed project. Learn more
genezio loginLogin to the genezio platform Learn more
genezio logoutLogout from genezio platform. Learn more
npm update genezio -gInstall the latest version of genezio. Learn more
genezio help / genezio <command> --helpDisplays help for the CLI tool.