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genezio addClass


genezio addClass <classPath> <classType> [--logLevel <logLevel>] [-h | --help]


This command creates a new file at the classPath if it doesn't already exist and adds it to the genezio.yaml config file.

You can also specify the class type using the classType option. To read more about class types, check out the Project Structure section.


Set <classPath> to a valid path to indicate the path to the file that contains the class to be deployed.

Set <classType> to indicate the type of the class. The supported values are: jsonrpc, http or cron. If this argument is not specified, jsonrpc is the default value used. To use webhooks, set the type to http. To use scheduled methods, use cron.


--logLevel <logLevel>: Set the verbosity of the output. The supported values are: trace/debug/info/warn/error. If you don't specify this argument, the default value used is info.

-h | --help: Display a help message for more information on each argument and how to use it.