Deploy serverless worldwide
at a fraction of the cost

Deploy and run code without provisioning or managing servers, similar to AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and Vercel or Netlify Functions but more cost-effective and faster.


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Key features of Genezio Functions


Reduced Cold Start Time

Experience faster initialization times, ensuring that your functions are ready to handle requests immediately.

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Easy Deployment

Deploy effortlessly with Genezio's intuitive CLI. Quick to install and simple to use, it streamlines your deployment process, letting you focus on coding.

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Cost-Effective Pricing

Genezio’s predictable pricing model makes deploying serverless applications up to 6x more affordable than traditional solutions.

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Automatic Scaling

Genezio Functions automatically scale to meet demand, maintaining optimal performance regardless of traffic volume.


Deploy complex apps like Express.js and Next.js serverless with a single click, simplifying the deployment process.

Integrated Services

Utilize additional Genezio Services, including typesafe feature, databases, auth, cron jobs to build complete and dynamic applications.


Featured Community templates you can deploy

Serverless Function

Enjoy 4x faster response times without cloud configurations.

Express.js App

Cut deployment and server costs by up to 6x.

Next.js App

Eliminate unpredictable costs and cold start times.


Genezio Native Features & Services

Enjoy the benefits of a function-as-a-service infrastructure and enhance your development with Genezio's Services to optimize your workflow and maximize performance.

#1 Open Source Typesafe SDK

Simple and type-safe microservices development

One of Genezio's most exciting features is guaranteed type safety between backend services and clients. This is enabled by the autogenerated SDK, which constructs types that match the server-side types used for RPC calls exposed to clients.

Start adding type-safe features to your project or create one from scratch.

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#2 Database Integration

Serverless, fully-managed databases

Genezio offers on demand databases that are provisioned through our partners. This means that you can create a database in a few seconds without having to worry about the infrastructure, scalability or maintenance of it.

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#3 Seamless Authentication Integration


You can use Genezio Auth to allow the users to sign in into your app using multiple providers such as email and password or Google. This is an out-of-the-box authentication backend, with support for Postgres and Mongo databases and a client SDK to easily integrate the authentication feature into your frontend.

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#4 Easy Task Scheduling

Repeating Schedule

Genezio enables effortless cron job scheduling, allowing you to automate tasks and maintain consistent performance. Set up and manage scheduled tasks in seconds, without worrying about infrastructure, scalability, or maintenance. Let Genezio handle the rest.

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Don't take our word for it


Daniel M

CEO @DeFiBuilder

Using their SDK, I was able to deploy complex functionalities with an ease that I hadn't experienced before. The integration process is so streamlined and user-friendly that even those with a basic understanding of JavaScript can navigate it with confidence.


Cosmin Gamanusi

SWE @Bware Labs

Genezio has significantly improved my development workflow, both for my startup projects and at work. The platform enables me to quickly develop, test, and deploy new features. Its ease of integration allowed my team to offload work seamlessly, enhancing our productivity. Genezio’s efficient and user-friendly interface has made it a valuable tool in our development process.


Laurentiu Ciobanu

CTO @Sessions

It was a pleasant and frictionless experience: from my TypeScript code to the cloud in less than 3 minutes (including creating an account, installing the CLI, and logging in with the CLI).


Your questions answered

Genezio is used by our clients to build and host full-stack apps. These include a variety of full-stack Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Enterprise automation apps, and Blockchain enabled apps. Also, some developers use Genezio just to set up scheduled tasks or to keep an API key private in a part of their app that runs in the background. To learn more and see examples, check out our docs.

Your DevOps team is probably pretty busy, so in order to try out a pilot project, it's much easier to use our serverless approach.

FaaS is a service that allows developers to execute code without provisioning or managing servers.

FaaS is commonly used for event-driven applications, such as processing data streams, responding to HTTP requests, running scheduled tasks, and automating workflows.

In traditional server hosting, you need to manage the server infrastructure, including maintenance, scaling, and updates. Genezio abstracts this away, allowing you to focus solely on writing and deploying code.

Genezio Functions automatically scale based on the number of incoming requests or events, eliminating the need for manual intervention to adjust server capacity.

A cold start occurs when a function is invoked for the first time or after being idle, leading to latency as the environment is initialized. Genezio Functions are leveraging various optimization techniques, such as snapshots and instance pre-warming, to keep the cold start overhead as small as possible.


Flat fees to prevent denial-of-wallet

It's a piece of cake, just run genezio deploy

Yes and if you don't already have a database - Genezio natively provides a Postgres instance.

Genezio is compatible with various web framworks like Next.js, ExpressJS, Fastify, and frontend frameworks like React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, Flutter, and more, thanks to its framework-agnostic nature.

You are fully responsible for the content you host with us. Any type of illegal or offensive content is forbidden. Please refer to our terms of use for further details. We reserve the right to take down your app if it violates our terms of use without any notice.