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Webhook Example


The source code for this example is public on the following GitHub repository.


Sometimes we might need to communicate directly over HTTP instead of JSONRPC. In this example, the helloWorldOverHttp implemented in HelloWorldHttpExample class will be triggered by an HTTP request.


Run the project

Clone this example

Clone the repository:

git clone

Navigate to the following directory:

cd ./genezio-examples/javascript/webhook

Install dependencies in both client and server:

(cd server && npm install) && (cd client && npm install)

Test your project locally

Test the project locally:

genezio local

Open a new terminal, navigate to the following directory, and run npm start to launch the React application:

cd ./client
npm run install-local-sdk
npm start

Deploy your project with genezio

If you wish to deploy your project to the Genezio infrastructure, follow these steps:

Log in to Genezio using the command genezio login:

genezio login

Deploy your project using the genezio deploy command from the ./genezio-examples/javascript/webhooks directory.

genezio deploy


All commands are run from the root of the project, from a terminal:

npm install -g genezioInstalls genezio globally
genezio loginLogs in to genezio
genezio localStarts a local server
genezio deployDeploys a production project
genezio --helpGet help using genezio

Want to learn more?

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If you need support or you have any questions, please join us in our Discord channel. We'd love to chat!

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