Out-of-the-box Auth, Postgres, and Go Support - genezio v0.8


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Paula Cionca

Feb 29, 2024

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We’re super excited to share that Genezio v0.8 is here. Our latest update is all about making your life easier, whether you’re building the next big thing or just playing around with new tech. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Plug-and-Play User Authentication Module

Ever found yourself tangled in the web of authentication logic? We did, and it wasn’t fun. So, we’ve introduced a plug-and-play user auth system. You can easily add login to your app, making sure it’s safe, quick, and easy for users to use.

Our authentication solution offers you the flexibility to choose between Postgres and Mongo databases for storing user data and access tokens.

Learn more about how to integrate this into your project in our tutorial .

PostgreSQL Databases Right Here

Managing your PostgreSQL databases is now simpler with Genezio. No more switching between platforms. Everything you need is right on your Genezio Dashboard .

Genezio provides databases on demand, set up quickly via our partners. This way, you can get your database up and running fast, without stressing over infrastructure, scaling, or maintenance.

Follow our step-by-step instructions to create and use a database.

Golang Support in Beta

And for the Go fans out there, we’ve got some good news. Genezio now has beta support for Golang. That means you can start using all our cool features with Go, trying out new things and building faster, more reliable apps. It’s still in beta, but we’re eager to see what you’ll create.

Get started here .

Enhanced Developer Documentation in SDKs

We’ve made things simpler for you by automatically migrating the documentation comments you include in a Genezio class to the corresponding classes and methods in the generated SDK. Simply hover over the SDK methods in your IDE to instantly check the method’s purpose, parameters and types, making your coding experience smoother and more intuitive.

What’s next?

At Genezio, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best product experience, aiming to save you both time and money. Stay tuned and join our Discord community to be the first to hear about new features. If you need any help or advice, write a message on Discord or send us an email at

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