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Andra Pitis

May 30, 2023

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I’m excited to work with such a productive team! Since our last release, we’ve added some new features, improved a couple of things and resolved a few bugs. Let’s dive in the latest developments made by our amazing team:


  • We are thrilled to announce that we are officially open source! Enjoy genezio at its fullest by choosing whether to deploy on your own AWS or on genezio. This allows you to have the freedom and flexibility while also making use of our amazing features.
  • Introducing Backend Dart Support! Flutter enthusiasts, you can now use genezio if you are writing your backend in Dart. Enjoy all of our cool features now in your favorite programming language.
  • Stop worrying about complicated setup or technical configurations! You can now set your own custom domain for your web application. Establish your online presence with a domain that reflects your brand and personal identity.
  • We’ve worked hard towards offering you a smoother experience when it comes to using TypeScript, Dart, or Python. Improvements and bug fixes were made in this release.
  • Debugging is now easier! You can now see your live logs directly on our Test Interface.
  • New examples on how to use genezio are now available on GitHub .

What’s next?

We at genezio aim to offer our users the best experience possible while having access to excellent time and money saving services. Stay tuned and join our Discord community to be the first to hear about new features.

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Genezio is a serverless platform for building full-stack web and mobile applications in a scalable and cost-efficient way.

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