Collaboration, Queues and New Project Wizard - genezio v0.7


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Bogdan Vlad

Dec 18, 2023

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We’ve been hard at work, and we’re thrilled to introduce genezio v0.7, loaded with features designed to make your development experience smoother and more collaborative! In this release, we’ve added a collaboration feature, simplified the process of creating a new project, and introduced a new integration. Let’s explore the updates:


With the new collaboration feature, it is now easier than ever to work on a genezio project as a team. As an owner of the project, you have full control and you can invite your colleagues or revoke permissions anytime. Once people are invited and they accept the invitation, they can see the project details, use the test interface to test the project, or deploy new versions of the code.

New project wizard

Start a new project with just a few clicks using our new wizard. You configure to bootstrap your project as a mono repo or multi repo. We will create the repositories for you together with the GitHub workflows. This means that you only have to push to a branch and the deployment is done for you.


We are happy to announce another integration: Upstash Qstash queues. Now you can use Qstash to make your work easier with simple ways to manage tasks in a queue, update different services without hassle, and set up schedules for tasks and emails.

What’s next?

At genezio we aim to offer our users the best experience with our products, while saving precious time and money. Stay tuned and join our Discord community to be the first to hear about new features. If you need any help or advice, write a message on Discord or send us an email at

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